Turkish lira continued to decline, the currency price to a fresh all-time low of 7.24 points

The Turkish Lira has fallen below 40%

The Turkish Lira has fallen below 40%

Ankara … News Time

After the diplomatic and economic tensions from the US, Turkey’s currency decreases in comparison to Lira’s dollar. After the concerns of the lack of foreign investment in Turkey last Updated: March 4, 2012 on the other hand, the Turkish Finance Minister has said in a statement that Lira’s price is a constant reduction in Turkey. On Sunday night and on Monday, the price of Turkish Lira 7.24 in Asia and Pacific came back again to 7.06.

The Turkish Finance Minister Berat Albayrak said in a statement that his government has prepared a plan to save money; all state institutions will soon take necessary steps in this regard. He said that every possible step will be taken to maintain the national currency value in the stock market. In an interview to the newspaper Hurriyat, he said that the government has developed a new plan for the Bank and the Economic Sector. Small and medium companies will also be bound to the project so that currency savings can be avoided.

It is believed that during this year, Turkish Lira has fallen below 40%.Experts say there are several reasons for the removal of the Turkish Territory. A major cause is tension with the US. At the same time, the Turkish President’s actions affect the country’s economy and measures to reduce interest rates to avoid inflation. Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan has appealed to buy Lira from the public several times. The Turkish price decreased by 20 percent after the US increased taxes on the sale of steel and aluminum from Turkey.


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