I’ll set up a bank in Pakistan: Russia

I'll set up a bank in Pakistan, Russia

I’ll set up a bank in Pakistan, Russia

Karachi … News Time

Karachi deployed in Russia’s Consul General Oleg N has said that Pakistan’s bilateral trade promotion aspirations and strategy in Pakistan Banking channel formation seriously working in Karachi soon Rousseff Bank establishment of the issues will be brought in, in this context, the interaction between the governments of the two countries continues. He expressed these views Pakistan Chemicals and Dyes Merchants Association yesterday (PCD MA) at a meeting on the sidelines of the visit. Karachi was the economic hub of Pakistan, he said that banking channels between the two countries establishing bilateral business activities will accelerate the establishment of the shipping lines would boost trade significantly. He added that the Russian Consulate Trade Office is made more effective Pakistani businessmen whose aim is to provide all possible facilities. PDMA members of the PC to strengthen links with the Trade Office emphasized the need for chemicals and dyes that the vast business opportunities in Russia, Chemicals Pakistan exports to Russia to ensure he will speak for the government and in the middle of June, a delegation of members of PCD mA will be accompanied by Russia. Earlier, Pakistan Chemicals and Dyes Merchants Association (PCD MA) Chairman Haroon Nisar number welcomed the visit of the Consul General and the members introduced the members of the PCD MA Commercial and Industrial chemicals, dyes and other items astf import, export industries, especially textiles and leather production activities to continue unhindered demand for imported raw materials Pawar said. PCD MA Chairman of the joint between the two countries in the field’s mkltlf potential basic infrastructure facilities including oil and gas, power generation, construction, dams and ports are notable. He banking channels between the two countries and the establishment of shipping lines will increase the economic potential.


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