Economic crisis: Dollar value falls by Rs 5.36, Iran’s rial hits record-low 1, 00,000 to the dollar

One dollar in Interbank was Rs 122.50

One dollar in Interbank was Rs 122.50

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Since the US elections in 2018, the value of US dollar is increasingly lower than the Pakistani rupee. The dollar value in comparison with Pakistani currency has decreased by Rs 5.36. One dollar in Interbank was Rs 122.50, Four years later; one dollar has seen a drop in dollar value in the Inter Bank. According to economic experts, raising the value of rupees is likely to reduce debt burden, Rs 450 billion will reduce the value of rupees.

The rupee value of rupees was told on 15 May, 17 July 2017 and on 2 July 2018 in its written columns. Debt payments, additional exports, $ 31 billion trade deficit and foreign exchange reserves are constantly decreasing due to the current account deficit of $ 18 billion. Due to which there is a severe pressure on Pakistani rupees than the dollar which can fall to a level of Rs 130 while foreign exchange reserves have been up to $ 15 billion in which State Bank reserves are only $ 9 billion due to which it finally got its highest highest rate of Rs. 128.50 in Interbank and up to 130.50 rupees in the open market. And the increase in dollar value increased by Rs 800 billion to domestic debt last night, which rose to Rs 8120 billion. In addition to the current account and commercial deficit, customs green channel misuse and dollar stays were also reduced due to the loss of rupees for billions of dollars. After which the immediate steps of FBR and State Bank in the last 10 days, the dollar’s value in the open market declined by 6 rupees – 4.61 percent.

According to the proposal measures to prevent Money Laundering from the FATF Pakistan, the State Bank has banned the domestic currency currency and open account July 24, according to the Pakistan Forex Association President Malik Bostan. This will stop Black Money’s spread. Due to the State Bank’s move, the purchase and demand of dollars has decreased. Malik Bostan said today the mini-changer has a deposit of around $ 5 million, no buyer, due to which our money have been blocked and on Monday we will sell this dollar to the State Bank. In recent years, the measures taken by the dollar to prevent dollar trafficking, especially Afghanistan and due to political stability after the election on July 28, the dollar open market was sold at Rs 122, which is less than 4 rupees from Interbank. As an economist student, I believe that export can not be extended by reducing the value of rupees only. But due to the dollar’s inflation, petroleum and diesel products will be expensive, such as industrial raw materials. This can cause a stormy storm in the country. The falling value of unstable rupees by the government and external investors are investing their investments on additional regulatory duty reporting reports. Due to which our stock market is not stable. The reduction in the value of currencies in the global market shows that the value of Pakistani rupees has dropped by almost 20 percent since December 2017. While the value of Indian rupees, 6.9 percent and tariff lira has decreased by 22 percent. The main reason for reducing the value of Pakistani rupees is $ 18 billion an interest account deficit which is 42.5% higher than GDP and 5.8% of GDP the government, which has to reduce the exports of 5 percent and $ 6 billion by reducing the exports and importing while the government coming to the International Account will have to go to IMF.

Due to $ 56 billion unprofessional imports from the $ 25 billion exports last year, the country faces about $ 31 billion a commercial deficit. During this period the transfers sent abroad were up to $ 19.5 billion while external investment was under pressure, due to which the expansion remained high compared to the dollar coming in the country. To encourage the import of unnecessary goods from the delays of delay, the government recently issued 100% LCD margin-lease of credit on advance payment, additional customs and regulatory duties are subject to the terms.

Former Finance Minister and Muttahida Qaumi Movementarian Dr. Hafeez Pasha has suggested the establishment of financial emergency in view of the current economic crisis in the country. Business is very uncomfortable because the government is considering bringing down a budget and one percent customs duty on all imported goods or 1550 goods regulatory duty which will allow immunity to some items including medicines and raw materials, intends to impose which can have negative effects on the industrial sector. Investigators are unable to estimate the dollar at an alarming rate what will cost in the future of their imported goods. In order to discuss these issues, I invited my close friend and business minister to Trade and Textile Mian Misbah-ur-Rehman at his residence in Karachi. The Minister of Commerce agreed that the government will have to solve productivity, increase export surplus and solve problems such as export refunds. After exporting package of government’s export, export could not have been able to increase and domestic exports were barely $ 24.5 billion. He mentioned the financial problems of the government in exporters and income tax refunds and promised that the export of commercial exporters to the Export Purchase Package will be issued soon. He also agreed that the value of rupees has dropped significantly which can cause inflation and inflation in the country.

The current economic crisis is a major challenge for the coming new government, which will have to handle the new government on a priority basis. The new government should first sit down with its business partners for 100 days in a business community. The government can not take more than 60% of GDP under the Loan Limit Act but our debt has exceeded this limit. In addition, the government has released $ 2.75 billion and bounds whose payments are in 2019, 2025 and 2036. Due to the current economic crisis in the country, a $ 100 dollar drop of $ 2025 has reduced to $ 90 and the bond of 2036 is reduced to $ 85. While some years ago, they were trading on Bound Premium. Circle loan of power sector has risen to Rs 1000 billion and recently the government has paid millions of rupees to some Pakistan IPPs (IPPs) on the decision of the World Reconciliation Court, while the losses caused by non-privatization of PIA, Steel Mills and WAPDA Every year, the government has to pay 500 billion rupees per annum National Treasury to run these institutions and till now the government has paid Rs 980 billion. Government has recently gained $ 4 billion loan from Chinese banks to support external debt payments and monetary deposits. Economic pundits believe that Pakistan will have to go to IMF for a loan of $ 8 billion or the friend countries, China and Saudi Arabia, allow Pakistan to fulfill such amount of interest account deficit. The current political situation in Pakistan is worried, business community and public Imran Khan’s new coming government is expecting more than expected expectations that they will soon expel the country from this economic crisis but we have to give time to the new government that he should choose a ministerial team of team to resolve these economic issues on priority basis.

, Iran's rial hits record-low 1, 00,000 to the dollar

, Iran’s rial hits record-low 1, 00,000 to the dollar

On the other hand, Iran’s currency has declined Sunday on Sunday and one billion rupees has reached Iran. Non-governmental price was 102,000 compared to the dollar at the Iranian Rial at noon. Talking to the currency traders AFP, talking to the French news agency AFP the record has been confirmed in the Iranian real value compared to the dollar. The Iranian real value has fallen half in the last 4 months. In March, Iranian $ 50,000 was purchased and sold in Iranian rials. The government tried to set 42 thousand Iranian rials for one dollar in April and the black market threatened to crackdown against merchants who traded currency. However, banks refused to sell dollars at artificially reduced prices and the government softened its position and had flexible attitude towards some imported groups.

After failing to deal with this crisis of crisis, Iranian President Hasan Rohani removed the central bank head Wali ullah Saif from his post. Iranians continue to buy dollars by selling a rial and they are worried after the implementation of US sanctions, the value of the currency can be further reduced. That’s why they are collecting dollars and demand of a dollar increase has increased to its value as well.

It is clear that Iran’s currency deficit has declined sharply after the US President Donald Trump’s decision to suspend Iran’s nuclear nuclear deal in July 2015. After sanctioning with the nuclear deal on August 6 and 4, Iran has been implementing new sanctions in two phases. After their implementation, many foreign firms will be forced to close the business with Iran and this could increase Iran’s economic troubles.


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