Dollar highest level of history in Pakistan, Due to the dollar’s inflation, the domestic debt increased by 400 billion

The dollar value in the inter bank market is 115.62 and 115.67 rupees

The dollar value in the inter bank market is 115.62 and 115.67 rupees

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Pakistani Rupees compared to dollar 4.28 rupees further.The dollar reached at a level of Rs 112 at the highest level of domestic history, Due to the dollar’s inflation, the domestic debt has increased by 400 billion and the current loss has increased more than a half-fold, according to the details, the policy of decision makers decline in the value of policy makers to control the insecurity of external food and to ensure stability in the currency market, the exchange rate of Pakistani rupees in the Inter Bank reached 119.80 and 119.90 rupees per dollar. The value of the dollar was Rs 115.62 and 115.67 in the weekend, as compared to Friday; the value of rupees in the market was recorded at 4.23 and 4.28 rupees. On one occasion, the value of the dollar reached Rs 121.50, but later there was a market.

On the other hand, in the open market, a dollar deficit was reduced by 3 rupees, and the open market reached 118 and 121.50 to 118 and 118.50 in the open market. Euro price is Rs 2.25 and cost Rs 2.75 in sales while the price of British pound was Rs 1.50 and sales price was increased at Rs 2.50, As a result, the price of euro in respect of the purchase increased from Rs 137.75 to Rs 140.00 and the sale price increased from 139.25 to 142.00 rupees. While the price of British Pound was increased from Rs 158.00 to Rs 159.50 and the sales price increased from Rs 159.00 to Rs 161.50.

The Saudi Riyal’s price was worth 50 paise and the price of 60 paise in the price while UAE Dirham’s purchase was recorded 40 paise and 50 paise was added to the sale price, as a result, the price of Saudi Riyal respectively increased from Rs 31.20 to Rs 31.70 and price sales from Rs 31.50 to Rs 32.10 and UAE Dirham’s purchase price increased from Rs 32.10 to Rs 32.50 and sales price from 32.40 to Rs 32.90.

On Monday, the price of Chinese Yuan remained stable, resulting in Chinese Yuan’s price of Rs 18.50 and price sales stood at Rs 19.50. According to experts, sudden increase in the value of dollar and other key foreign currencies at the Inter Bank level has led to an open crisis in the open market. The rupee of Rs 15 per rupee in 6 months was expensive, which is being considered as an IMF program. According to State Bank data, the US dollar has increased more than 15% in 6 months, on December 7, 2017, the dollar was worth Rs 105 in 54 days in Inter Bank and now 6 months in US $ 15 rupees to 46 per cent went to the highest level of Rs 121. According to economic experts, dollar prices are due to external payments and low savings deposits, monthly billions of dollars are minimizing reservoir reserves, which are equivalent to at least 3 months of imports. According to economists, we meet our most needed requirements, the loss of rupees will increase the cost of a rupee. Most goods including petroleum products will be expensive. Due to this move, the government’s external debt volume is rising in rupee, even the dollar’s shock has raised debt burden more than 350 billion, the person who will be completed by taking a new loan and his burden will be on the public.


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