Selena Gomez is expected to host the Oscars 2022

American singer, actress and host Selena Gomez

American singer, actress and host Selena Gomez

Los Angeles … News time

There are reports that American singer, actress and host Selena Gomez will also be in the host team of the most prestigious awards show Oscar in the film world. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the ABC Television Network hosted the 94th Oscars last week announced to hold together. Earlier, it was held without a host for the last three years. Although the management and the TV channel had announced to host this year’s event with the host, they did not announce the names of the hosts. News has now surfaced that the Oscar and TV channel management is in talks with three actors and hosts, including Selena Gomez, and the singer will likely be hosting for the first time this year. Showbiz website Variety reported in its exclusive report that the Oscars and TV management were in talks with actor Pete Davidson to host the event, but no agreement was reached with them and it is likely that they The awards ceremony will not be hosted.

According to the report, the president of the channel ABC, which broadcasts the Oscar ceremony, praised Selena Gomez’s hosting in a recent interview, after which rumors began circulating that the singer may have performed at the awards ceremony this year will host. The report cites various sources as saying that ABC Network management is also in talks with senior actors and hosts Steven Martin and Martin Short, including Selena Gomez, to host the show. The three hosts are expected to host the 94th Oscars and this will be the first time that the young Selena Gomez will host the biggest film festival. The Oscars are expected to announce the hosts by the end of this month or the beginning of February next year. The management of the TV channel and the award-giving academy has already confirmed that the awards ceremony will be held on March 27. The administration has also confirmed that the 94th annual event will be held at the traditional Dolby Theaters in Los Angeles, where the event has been held for years.


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