Miss Minnesota USA won the beauty crown 22-year-old Mikayla Holmgren

Miss Minnesota USA Mikayla Holmgren

Miss Minnesota USA Mikayla Holmgren

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The annual competition in the United States was organized beauty, the first time the beauties suffering from Down syndrome participated while 22-year-old beauty Mikayla Holmgren embarked on the crown of the Miss Minnesota USA. In the United States State Minnesota, the annual competition beauty was held last year, with which 51 beauties participated. This year, this 22-year-old beauty Mikayla Holmgren in Down syndrome competes for the first time in the competition. After passing through different stages, Judge declared the 22-year-old. Beauty Mikayla Holmgren as the winners of the competition, after which the Miss Minnesota UA’s crown was crowned on his head.


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