How much Prize does the winner of the Miss Universe competition?

The cost of this crown is up to 5 to 7 crores

The cost of this crown is up to 5 to 7 crores

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Every year the global competition beauty is held, and the beauty that is decorated on the crown head reaches the highest levels of reputation throughout the world, but the government also starts growing. The honor of Miss World is part of hundreds of beautiful beauties around the world to celebrate their names. Whatever the crown proposes its head is considered as the beautiful girls of the world Instead, the wealth and reputation starts to rain but very few people know that after the Miss World is selected, what gets it done in the prize. After winning the global competition beauty, the most valuable thing is a crown that is decorated with its head, Precious diamonds and other gems are connected in the crown, the price of this crown only up to 5 to 7 crores in the international market. Worldwide beauty organizers do not show interest rates that match the first girls to the first girls because every year the money changes. But it is true that Miss World does not receive less than one million dollars in the prize. In addition to cash prize to Miss World, for one year, renowned designers of the world provide their manufactured apparel and ornaments perfectly free; In addition, they also get make-up equipment from world-wide companies. Miss World, on the other hand, invites as a special contribution to the most popular social, film and fashion events around the world, which cost various companies.


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