Senate elections in Pakistan will be held on March 3

Interesting stages of Senate elections

News Time As the days go by, the Senate elections are entering an interesting phase and at the same time, its mystery is growing. Asif Zardari’s timely decisions have a big impact ... Continue Reading →
Bahrain's Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

Bahraini Crown Prince calls with Netanyahu on return to Iranian nuclear talks

Dubai … News Time Bahrain’s Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa has held talks with the Israeli Prime Minister on returning to nuclear talks with Iran. This was stated ... Continue Reading →
Pakistan has been given till June 2021 to get out of the gray list

Pakistan will remain on the FATF gray list until June

Islamabad … News Time The Financial Action Task Force (FATF), an international body working to curb money laundering and terrorist financing, has given Pakistan until June 2021 ... Continue Reading →
According to French astronomer Nostradamus, 2021 could be the third world war this year

World War could break out in 2021: French astronomer

Paris … News Time As a Muslim, everyone believes in the Day of Judgment and Resurrection, and this is part of our faith. However, people of other religions also have the idea of ... Continue Reading →
Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi

Who killed Jamal Khashoggi, US hinted to release important report

Washington … News Time The assassination of Jamal Khashoggi caused a worldwide stir. The brutal assassination of a Saudi-American journalist on Turkish soil and the discovery ... Continue Reading →
Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is gaining public support in the streets of the capital after the army chief was fired for plotting a coup.

Accused of coup, Armenian army chief fired

Yerevan … News Time Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan fired military chief Onik Gasparyan on charges of sedition. Addressing the nation, the Prime Minister said that what ... Continue Reading →
Under a new draft approved by Chancellor Angela Merkel's cabinet, German troops will be able to stay in the war-torn country until January 31, 2022.

Germany agrees to extend military mission in Afghanistan to 2022

Berlin … News Time The German government has agreed to extend its military mission in Afghanistan until 2022. According to a foreign news agency, the decision by the government cabinet ... Continue Reading →
Russian Sukhoi-35 fighter jets

If Egypt buys weapons from Russia, it will have dire consequences

Washington … News Time The United States is the world’s contractor, and it is up to the United States to decide who will buy weapons and from whom. He imposes economic ... Continue Reading →
Hashimoto Seiko is the new head of the Tokyo Games Organizing Committee

International Olympic Committee welcomes the new head of the Tokyo Games

Tokyo … News Time The International Olympic Committee (IOC) Board of Governors has welcomed Hashimoto Seiko, the new head of the Tokyo Games Organizing Committee. Hashimoto Seiko ... Continue Reading →
Protests against the army after the overthrow of the government, on the other hand, pro-dictatorship is brutally torturing protesters demanding the restoration of democracy.

Myanmar: The army dropped its group on the ground, attacking protesters

Naypyitaw … News Time Myanmar’s rebel forces took to the streets to crush protesters. According to news agencies, the puppets of the army who overthrew the government in ... Continue Reading →