The full name of the ICESat-2 is Ice, Cloud, and Land Elevation Satellite 2, which will be released in the middle of September.

NASA Will Launch a Laser into Space Next Month to Track Earth’s Melting Ice

Washington … News Time Increasing the temperature of the earth, the global warming pole, north and south, is increasingly melting the sea reserves due to rising sea level. On ... Continue Reading →
The Supreme Court also requested details of his 10-year-old property and bank accounts from former military dictator Pervez Musharraf and former Attorney General Malik Qayyum

Zardari, Musharraf’s statement, dismissed, Ask details of the assets of Zardari and their children

Islamabad … News Time The court allegedly accused the treasury of allegedly treating NRO tax from corrupt elements in the national treasury’s loss of billions of rupees. ... Continue Reading →
Exercises will start from 11th of the next month and continue till 15th date

Russia announces massive military exercises

Moscow … News Time Military exercises in different countries are common, which are usually performed to keep the personnel active. At international level, many countries together ... Continue Reading →
Hussain Haqqani, former Pakistani ambassador in the US

NAB should take immediate steps to bring back Hussain Haqqani, Orange Line project was non-standard work, Chief Justice

Islamabad … News Time The Supreme Court ordered immediate action for the return of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to Husain Haqqani’s return. Chief Justice of ... Continue Reading →
Five Saudi women pilots have released licences

Five Saudi women pilots have released licences

Riyadh … News Time Saudi Arabia also started changing changes, 5 women got a license to fly. Saudi Arabia’s general authority for citizen Hosabgi has issued a license to ... Continue Reading →
US President Donald Trump criticized Google

Donald Trump’s criticism on Google after media

Washington … News Time US President Donald Trump claims to criticize Google seriously the news are being displayed against them through the fraud in Google News. US President ... Continue Reading →
US President Donald Trump

It’s possible Accessibility President Trump From the story of lawyer Michael Cohen

News Time An US President Donald Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen and his presidential campaign chairman Paul Manafort after being indicted in a court, this is being questioned normally ... Continue Reading →
The current king of Morocco Mohammad VI

Morocco in the mirror of history

Mirza Ishtiaq Baig News Time I consider Morocco my second home where I have spent a big part of my life and in my year, Morocco has to go to business several times in business. I am ... Continue Reading →
Now Japanese childrens will learn English from robots

Now Japanese childrens will learn English from robots

Tokyo … News Time Japan’s Ministry of Education to help children improve the verbal contact skills of the children English-speaking artificial intelligent schools are planning ... Continue Reading →
Internet history is not too old. Only 55 years ago, in 1962, J.C.R. or "Lick", who founded it as Network called Intergalactic

How and when the Internet invented?

News Time Have you ever thought of using the Internet that by pressing a few buttons, how does the sea of ​​information appear to be in front of us? Internet services can not be ... Continue Reading →