Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif called for a special meeting in Headquarters Monday, preparing for the election of 2018.

The main decisions of PML-N are still Nawaz Sharif

Karachi … News Time Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif is the symbolic president of the ‘N’ League. According to the league sources, the actual decisions are still ... Continue Reading →
North Korean head Kim Jong-un and Chinese President Xi Jinping

North Korean leader Kim Jong un’s makes first foreign visit

Beijing … News Time Kim Jong-un Chief of North Korean Kim Jong-un visited Kim Jong-un Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing, discussing several issues in the meeting. According ... Continue Reading →
On the first day of election process, only 13 percent of the people eligible for voting were 6 million

Voting got off to a slow start on the second day of Egypt’s presidential election

Cairo … News Time The process of voting on the second day of Egypt’s presidential election remained slow. Egyptian officials said the first day of election process only ... Continue Reading →
Due to the growing tendency of the US towards America, Russia has become particularly infamous than the Indian government

Russia and India separate routes

News Time Last day, Russia and the United Kingdom took out the diplomacy of each other 23-23 and thus, the new relationship between the two world powers came new. Russia and West relations ... Continue Reading →
Trump Administration has also started considering visa restrictions on some Pakistani government officials

US considering political sanctions on Pakistan: US magazine

Washington … News Time The American journal has revealed that America can put political restrictions on Pakistan. The report published in American journal Foreign Policy has ... Continue Reading →
Robots in Japan began to become a big support for the elderly

Robots may have great support for elder people in Japan

Tokyo … News Time Robots in Japan began to become a big support for the elderly. Most of the time present in Tokyo’s nursing home passes with these robots. Pet place also ... Continue Reading →
India's global power policy after the United States

India, seeking to become a global power

News Time The Stock Home Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), who looks at the arms race and arms spread, claims that India has taken away all the countries in the world to buy arms, ... Continue Reading →
Pak rupee dollar increased by 30 paisa in the open currency market

Pakistan Rupee’s fall set to change economic landscape, foreign exchange reserves less than Cambodia?

Washington, Karachi … News Time US Department of Commerce Bloomberg has expressed its concern in reducing Pakistan’s golden exchange reserves from Cambodia. Bloomberg has ... Continue Reading →
The long war between America and Vietnam started in 1968, which ended in 1975

Year 1968: The darkest year of history

News Time If a look at the world of 50 years ago, it seems to be that the United States suffered defeat from Vietnam, Moscow was hijacked in Czech Slovakia. In addition, student movements ... Continue Reading →
Russian President Vladimir Putin

Some secret aspects personality of Russian President Vladimir Putin

News Time Vladimir Putin has become Russia’s fourth-time president. Very few people know about this strongest ruler of the world holding the presidency for the fourth time. That ... Continue Reading →