Hollywood singer Britney Spears

I want to act again: Britney Spears

Washington — News Time According to the Hollywood singer Britney Spears he wants to act. They told E News that his desire to act again. Britney Spears ” Cross Road ” ... Continue Reading →
Film Rio II

The animated movie ‘ Rio ‘ sequel ‘ Rio 2 ‘ video clip released

New York — News Time 2011 blockbuster animated film Rio II DVD ‘Once again, fans around the world for the film is to shine. Pet blue bird revolves around Blu ‘ in ... Continue Reading →
A trolley bus explosion in Volgograd

Volgograd second blast in two days, 15 dead

Volgogradgrad — News Time Russian officials said the country’s southern city of Volgograd, a bus suicide attack At least 15 people were killed and several injured. The ... Continue Reading →
Rabia sign four fingers

Social media icons Muslim unity “Rabia” disappears, start legal action against the party’s supporters

Cairo — Time News Egypt army hands under the supervision of the Interim Government under the wrath of religious political party, the Muslim Brotherhood declared a terrorist group ... Continue Reading →
Mishal Suleiman of Lebanon's President

Saudi Arabia’s U.S. $ 3 billion in aid to the Lebanese army announced

Beirut — News Time Saudi Arabia three billion dollars worth of military aid to Lebanon will. Lebanese President Michel Sleiman aid from Saudi Arabia and confirmed that the Lebanese ... Continue Reading →
France’s President Franco Hollande

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad stifles political solution to the problem: French President

Riaz — News Time France’s President Franco Hollande said that a political solution in the presence of the Syrian problem. Daily “Al-Hayat” on the occasion of his visit ... Continue Reading →
Assigned two officers on routine patrol in Darfur killed in an armed attack

Joint United Nations peacekeeping mission in Sudan, killing two soldiers belonging to

Washington — News Time Two officers assigned to routine patrol in Darfur were killed in an armed attack. Personnel killed in attacks in Jordan and Senegal is concerned. Personnel ... Continue Reading →
After withdrawal from Afghanistan could

Afghanistan after the withdrawal of the Taliban and other groups has powerful influence growth forecast

Washington — News Time America’s sixteen intelligence agencies recently released National Intelligence estimate  after the withdrawal from Afghanistan, leaving a few thousand ... Continue Reading →
Brazilian coach Phillip Lewis askulry

Our obsession snatch soccer from Spain’s rule: Brazilian coach

Brazil — News Time In 2013, international teams the World Champions Spain Football World Ranking Rule snatch failed, but in 2014 the Brazilian national football team of Spain ... Continue Reading →
Former President General (r ) Pervez Musharraf

Retaliation is treason case: Musharraf

Islamabad — News Time Former President General (r ) Pervez Musharraf for treason charges against him were dismissed , calling it retaliation for the army is with them on this ... Continue Reading →