The NAB has summoned Murad Ali Shah on September 24

The arrest of Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah will be the heaviest for the PPP

Karachi … News Time From Asif Zardari to Khurshid Shah, the top leadership of the PPP has fallen under the auspices of the NAB. However, sources say that the possible arrest ... Continue Reading →
Prince William accompanied his wife Kate Middleton will visit Pakistan for the first time next month

Prince William with his wife will be visit to Pakistan next month

London … News Time The British royal couple will visit Pakistan between October 14 and 18 next month. The British royal palace announced in June this year that Prince William, ... Continue Reading →
President Erdogan of Turkey

Turkey’s president Erdogan’s colleagues leave the party?

News Time 17 years ago, the AQ party emerged as a new political party in the politics of modern Republic of Turkey. Who, having seen all the political parties of the country, has already ... Continue Reading →
Islamic State (ISIL) fighters

Europe should withdraw ISIL foreign fighters, otherwise they will be left at the border, Trump’s threatens

Washington … News Time US President Donald Trump has repeatedly threatened to release captured ISI fighters at the European border, if the European countries refuse to withdraw ... Continue Reading →
US Defense Secretary Mark Esper

US President approves sending additional troops to Saudi Arabia

Washington, Pentagon … News Time US President Donald Trump approves sending additional troops to Saudi Arabia according to the International News Agency; US Defense Secretary ... Continue Reading →
Sanctions on Iran's Central Bank

US imposed sanctions on Iran’s central bank

Washington … News Time The United States directly blamed Iran for the attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil installations Iran’s central bank; the National Development Fund ... Continue Reading →
The world's most expensive and oldest coffee available from a coffee shop in Osaka

In Japan coffee house serves 22-year-old coffee priced at $ 900 a cup

Osaka … News Time There is a small coffee shop in Japan called The Münch. It’s the only place in the world where you can use coffee made 22 years ago but remember the ... Continue Reading →
Crop production in North Korea is expected to fall to the lowest level in the last 5 years and it faces severe food shortages.

North Korea faces severe food shortage: UN

New York… News Time North Korea’s crop production is expected to fall to the lowest level in the past 5 years and face severe food shortages, the UN said in a report. The report ... Continue Reading →
The number of birds in the US and Canada has dropped by an astounding 29% since 1970

In the United States the decline of birds, the number has decreased to three billion: Research

Washington … News Time In the US and Canada, the number of birds has dropped by an amazing 29% since 1970. Since the 70s, the decline of three billion birds has been recorded ... Continue Reading →
The 48 Rugby World Cup matches will be held at 12 venues across Japan from November 2

2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan

Tokyo … News Time The Rugby World Cup kicks off in Japan on Friday. The tournament is being held for the first time in Asia. The 48 Rugby World Cup matches will be held at 12 ... Continue Reading →