41st Annual Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Meeting

Saudi Arabia, Qatar end tensions, pressure on Iran?          

News Time The 41st Annual Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) meeting began on January 5 in the northwestern Saudi city of Al-Ula. The highlight of the meeting was the peaceful resolution ... Continue Reading →
General Ayub Khan

Military ruler’s vs democratic rulers

News Time We must analyze democracy in depth so that we can lead the nation. The ruthless political analysis of military generals and political rulers needs time. Today’s young ... Continue Reading →
White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany

Trump announce he will hand over power to the newly elected president on January 20

Washington … News Time After weeks of refusing to concede defeat, Donald Trump has finally conceded defeat and announced that he will hand over power to the newly elected president ... Continue Reading →
Chinese troops should be ready for war at all times, President Xi Jinping's order issued

Chinese troops should be ready for war at all times, President Xi Jinping’s order issued

Beijing … News Time Chinese President Xi Jinping has ordered his army to be ready for war at all times due to global changes. According to the national news agency, the order issued ... Continue Reading →
Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani, head of the Quds Force, and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, commander of the Iraqi militia.

Iraqi court issues arrest warrant for Trump

Baghdad, Tehran … News Time An Iraqi court has issued an arrest warrant for US President Donald Trump on charges of killing Iraqi militia commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis. Major General ... Continue Reading →
Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok welcomes US Treasury Secretary Steven Manuchehr

Millions of dollars package for Sudan on relations with Israel

Khartoum … News Time Sudan and the United States have signed an agreement that paves the way for a rapprochement between Sudan and Israel. At the same time, the agreement will ... Continue Reading →
4750 delegates and 2000 others are attending the meeting of the ruling Workers Party

Kim Jong Un admits failures of its policies

Pyongyang … News Time North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has said that the country’s economic goals have largely not been met in almost all areas. According to news agencies, ... Continue Reading →
Palestine Martyrs' Day has been celebrated in Palestine since 1969 until today.

One hundred thousand Palestinian martyrs since the establishment of Israel

Jerusalem, Damascus … News Time Palestine Martyrs’ Day has been celebrated in Palestine since 1969. A report released on the occasion states that since the establishment of ... Continue Reading →
Thousands of Donald Trump supporters stormed the Congress building in Washington

Attack on US Congress, The political situation in the US became tense

Washington … News Time The issue of the attack on the US Congress, the political situation in the US became more tense, many of Donald Trump’s associates also protested ... Continue Reading →
Prime Minister Yoshihiko Suga's press conference on the state of emergency is being broadcast

Hundreds more killed in Germany from Corona, emergency in London and Tokyo

Berlin, London. Tokyo … News Time Hundreds more have died of the corona virus in Germany in the past 24 hours. According to news agencies, figures released on Thursday by the Robert ... Continue Reading →