Indonesia's 145-year-old Mbah Gotho

It is too much; I have to die now, 145-year-old Indonesian man who was tired of the long life

Jakarta … News Time 145-year-old man from Indonesia Mbah Gotho is tired of longevity. According to Mbah Gotho those born on December 31, 1870 and is the oldest person in the ... Continue Reading →
Military logistics memorandum aygrmnt exchange between India and US

US and India decided war pet contract with each other

New Delhi … News Time India and the United States against their common rival Pakistan and China to increase its influence in the region bilateral military cooperation decided ... Continue Reading →
Malaysian students protest against corruption

Demanded the arrest of the Prime Minister, Malaysian students protest against corruption

Kuala Lumpur … News Time Students rally against corruption in Malaysia’s capital Kuala LumpurPrime Minister Najib Razak has called for the arrest.According to AFP Police ... Continue Reading →
erman Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel

The risk of breaking the European Union, German Chancellor has expressed big concern

Munich … News Time German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel warned that the case could accurately Brexit EU’s future was not handled. Sigmar Gabriel said that if other countries ... Continue Reading →
Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe's Olympic team

Why did not win medals at the Rio Olympics, Zimbabwe’s president ordered the arrest of players

Harare … News Time Why did not win any medals at the Olympic Games, Zimbabwe’s president have ordered the arrest of athletes participating in the Olympics for my country. ... Continue Reading →
Pakistan Muttahida Qaumi Movement chief Altaf Hussain (MQM)

Collection the evidence against MQM Chief ۔۔۔What will happen next? Important decision

Islamabad … News Time Pakistan government Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) further evidence of incitement to violence against Altaf Hussain will be carried over to next week. We ... Continue Reading →
 After 52 days lifted the curfew in many areas of the Kashmir Valley

Indian forces are just determination in front of Kashmir’s, after 52 days lifted the curfew in many areas of the Kashmir Valley

SRINAGAR … News Time Indian forces surrendered to the issue of commitment and zeal, the curfew was lifted 52 days in several areas of the Valley. The Sri situation in several areas, ... Continue Reading →
The 200 Nigerian school girls abducted from video released

Nigerian government invitation for negotiations to Boko Haram for the release of 200 girls

Abuja … News Time Nigeria’s government has offered the Boko Haramthat is of possible negotiations for the release of 200 girls to take a non-governmental organization which ... Continue Reading →
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

U Sis responsible for terrorism in the region, Iranian President

TEHRAN … News Time Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said the spread of terrorism in the area of ​​US measures. This was stated by Iranian President said while addressing a meeting ... Continue Reading →
Supreme Court of Pakistan

Supreme Court of Pakistan has rejected appeals of all sixteen accused sentenced to death by military courts

Islamabad … News Time The Supreme Court rejected appeals of 16 convicts sentenced to death by military courts. According to the Supreme Court verdict on the appeals against the ... Continue Reading →