Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris

Democratic presidential candidates Kamala Harris who have underlying support Obama

Washington … News Time It is debating in US political circles that former President Barack Obama’s supporters in the presidential election of a leading member of the Democratic ... Continue Reading →
Political chances are so much that the parties have crossed the limits in response

Environmental damages of political changes

News Time Climate and environmental changes worldwide are rising and temperatures are growing and the strategy is being set up to cope with them, but Pakistan, which is among the most ... Continue Reading →
NASA has planned that in 2024 the mission which will be sent to the Moon will include a woman

NASA plans to land the first time woman on the moon

NASA … News Time NASA has now announced the first time to join the female managing mission on the moon. NASA has planned that in 2024 the mission which will be sent to the moon ... Continue Reading →
Orally speaking Pakistan stands with Kashmir but practically he is tied with India

Pakistan’s stance on Kashmir converts

News Time Indian cruelty in occupied Jammu and Kashmir has not been a new thing. There is no day that there is no evidence of injuries or injuries in the occupied valley by suffering ... Continue Reading →
Iran had said that it could increase uranium enrichment by 20 percent by nuclear deal.

Call for urgent meeting of Iran, the demand of European countries

Berlin … News Time European countries who signed nuclear deal with Iran have demanded that all relevant stakeholders should hold a meeting immediately, so that the issue of implementation ... Continue Reading →
Palestinian judge Abdul Majeed Hadi

The first Palestinian appointed as chief justice in US history

Turnton … News Time The first time in the US history, Palestinian-born judge Abdul Majeed Hadi was appointed as Chief Justice in the court of Peterson’s city of State New ... Continue Reading →
Prime Minister Imran will meet Trump in Washington on July 22 during his visit

White House has not yet to confirm PM Imran’s visit to US: US Department of State

Washington … News Time The US Department of Foreign Affairs Morgan Ortagus has said that the Pakistani prime minister’s remarks regarding the US over the current month, ... Continue Reading →
Turkey issues arrest warrants over 200 military personnel

Turkey issues arrest warrants over 200 military personnel

Istanbul … News Time Warrant arrests have been issued for 200 attendant service soldiers and many civilians in Turkey. Istanbul prosecutor office has issued warrants of 176 soldiers ... Continue Reading →
Like last year, Singapore is also ranked first in the year, while Japan is also the first with that

Japan and Singapore have world’s most powerful passports

Singapore … News Time The recent released report of the Henley Passport Index has announced the list of countries with the most powerful passport. According to the International ... Continue Reading →
Former Egyptian President Dr Muhammad Morsi

In what crime did President Dr. Morsi be killed?  Internal Story

News Time How did Dr Muhammad Morsi and his party come upright? This is a long story that tells us how to try to stop them from moving towards power, However, when he managed to handle ... Continue Reading →