US resident Trump is advising Japan to buy US nuclear weapons and compete with North Korean

US President Donald Trump recommends of Japan’s buying nuclear weapons

News Time It is unfortunate about 7 billion people living in the world somewhere or unconscious that they are living in contrast to plans and efforts to destroy the world of politicians. ... Continue Reading →
German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Negotiations to political parties failed, Angela Merkel’s obstacle to becoming German Chancellor for the fourth time

Berlin … News Time Political parties’ talks failed to form a new government in Germany after which Angela Merkel’s fourth chance to become German chancellor. Angela ... Continue Reading →
Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz's

Israeli Minister reveals secret contacts from the Arab states

Jerusalem … News Time Israel’s energy minister Yuval Steinitz has claimed that there are secret contacts from Arab states countries, including Saudi Arabia. According to ... Continue Reading →
Saudi police arrested 24,000 foreigners in a day, cracking against foreigners

Crackdown against illegal immigrants in Saudi Arabia, 24 thousand people arrested

Riyadh … News Time Saudi police screamed against foreigners who were illegally involved in the state in 3 days, 24 thousand foreigners were arrested. According to the Saudi Press ... Continue Reading →
Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe

Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe dismisses the presidency of the ruling party

Harare … News Time Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe has been dismissed from the presidency of ZANU-PF’s president and replaced former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa ... Continue Reading →
Predicted to the worst earthquake in the world in 2018

The speed of Earth’s rotation slowed down, devastating earthquakes predicted around the world next year

Washington … News Time The world’s worst earthquake has been predicted in 2018. Scientists warned that the rotation of the earth is going to slow down due to which the ... Continue Reading →
Over 20,000 sexual abusive incidents in American armed forces during 4 years

Reveal more than 20,000 incidents of sexual harassment in US forces

Washington … News Time More than 20,000 sexual abusive incidents have been reported in American armed forces over 4 years. According to the report released by the US Department ... Continue Reading →
Senior Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat

PLO mission is closed then all links with the United States will be terminated: Palestinian

Washington … News Time Palestine PLO splits in front of the US on closing the offices. According to Palestinian authorities, the Trump Administration closed the PLO mission in ... Continue Reading →
US Air Force General John Hyten

If President Donald Trump ordered nuclear attack, so will refused, US Commander

Washington … News Time US strategic commander General John Hyten says that if President Donald Trump ordered him to take a nuclear attack, he would deny. According to the foreign ... Continue Reading →
Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries foreign ministers meeting in Cairo

Arab League meeting in strong message for Iran

Cairo … News Time The Arab League has given a tough message to Iran that they should not intervene in the affairs of other countries. Foreign ministers from Saudi Arabia and ... Continue Reading →