Hate speech letter

Appeal to kill Muslims in the UK on April 3

Karachi … News Time UK Scotland Yard Police and the Local Directorate Department have confirmed that they are looking for an unidentified secret sender, while addressing Christian ... Continue Reading →
US President Donald Trump expressed his keen desire to meet North Korea President Kim Jang

USA Surrendered before North Korea  

News Time Imagine that you are economically strong in position but your enemy has dangerous types of weapons in your neighborhood, the one whose growth is not an eye, which does ... Continue Reading →
The Panama Legal Company Mossack-Fonseca firm

Panama Leaks announces law firm Mossack Fonseca is closing at the end of March

Panama City … News Time The legal Mossack-Fonseca firm involved in the Panama Leaks scandal will be closed this month. According to the foreign news agency, the legal Mossack-Fonseca ... Continue Reading →
Gina Haspel first lady who appointed as Director of CIA

Gina Haspel first lady who appointed as Director of CIA

Washington … News Time US President Donald Trump named CIA Deputy Director Gina Haspel has been named CIA’s new director she is the first woman head of the CIA. Gina Haspel ... Continue Reading →
Angela Merkel, taking oath of German Chancellor for the fourth time

For the first time in German history Angela Merkel selected Chancellor for the fourth time, Took oath

Berlin … News Time Angela Merkel has become the first leader to become a Chancellor for four times in German history. The new German government has been able to establish a long-term ... Continue Reading →
Now the next "war" between government and opposition will be fought for the poor government,

The “next war” will be fought for the ‘caretaker government

Karachi … News Time The Senate elections party has lost the Senate elections. Now the next “war” between the government and the opposition will be fought for the ... Continue Reading →
The Russian embassy established in the UK

Britain announces to deport of 23 Russian diplomats

London … News Time Britain announces to deport Russia’s 23 diplomats, and ordered them to leave the land within 7 days. According to foreign media, the death of former ... Continue Reading →
Former US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

Iran is the reason for the removal of the US Secretary of State?

News Time US President Donald Trump has announced an overview of North Korean, Russia and Iran on Tuesday, Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson dismissed and replaced the American Central ... Continue Reading →
Nepal's controversial chief Justice Gopal Prajjoli

Nepal’s Chief Justice was dismissed is a faked date of birth

Kathmandu … News Time Nepal’s controversial chief, Justice Gopal Parajuli, was dismissed for filing a fake date in the papers. Nepali Chief Justice Gopal Parajuli had changed ... Continue Reading →
Yogi dog with an Incredibly Human Face images

Yogi dog with an Incredibly Human Face, these images viral on social media

Boston … News Time Photographs of human face-related pet dog Yogi have stirred on social media. The American woman has a pet dog whose eyes are just like humans and the face ... Continue Reading →