Japan's Empress Michiko his husband Emperor Akihito

Japan’s Empress Michiko were 83 years old

Tokyo … News Time Japan’s Empress Michiko has been 83 on Friday. He highlighted the past year’s events, writing a written reply to the reporters’ questions. ... Continue Reading →
Vote for general elections in Japan will be tomorrow

Typhoon bears down on Japan with heavy rain for the Polling day’s general election

Tokyo … News Time For the general elections in Japan, on the day of polishing (tomorrow’s Sunday) there is an ocean forecast, while rain can also affect the Polling. On ... Continue Reading →
Former US President George W. Bush and current President Donald Trump

George W. Bush criticized the Donald Trump      

New York … News Time Former US President George W. Bush, who received a historical significance regarding 9/11, on criticizing the current President Donald Trump’s criticism ... Continue Reading →
U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson with Pakistani Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif

US want to use Pakistan by letting economic assistance

Karachi … News Time US Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson will visit 5 countries from 20 to 27 October, including Pakistan. After visiting Pakistan, they will also go to India. According ... Continue Reading →
US President Donald Trump wants to destroy North Korea and overthrow the Kim Jong Un government

U S fears an attack from North Korea

Washington … News Time The US has become afraid of attack from North Korea. The US CIA has admitted that North Korea can get the ability to target nuclear missiles at any time. ... Continue Reading →
China President Xi Jinping on the 19th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party

China will be a leading nation in terms of world’s powerful army impact by 2050: Chinese President Xi Jinping

Beijing … News Time China President Xi Jinping during the long speech during the 19th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party, where other important issues related to domestic ... Continue Reading →
Singapore Prime Minister’s Lee Hsien Loong

Singapore Prime Minister’s Lee Hsien Loong decision to withdraw from politics

Singapore … News Time Singapore’s Premier Premier League Le Hsien Loong has said that he will retire from his post after completing his recent term. According to the German ... Continue Reading →
Former president and PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari

Nawaz Sharif should be arrested including family: Asif Ali Zardari

Lahore … News Time Former President Asif Ali Zardari says Sharif has serious allegations of corruption on the family, they should be arrested immediately. Goddess is sitting ... Continue Reading →
Pollution caused 2.5 million people to die in India

  Pollution kills 9 million people around the world, Research

London … News Time Pollution threatens to human life, pollution in 2015 led to death of 9 million people around the globe, killing about 2.5 million in India. The British research ... Continue Reading →
Peshawar Zalmai announced Chinese cricketers Jian Li and Yufie Zhang to join the team

Chinese cricketers will play 3rd edition of the Pakistan Super League    

Lahore … News Time Peshawar Zalmi announced to include Chinese cricketers Jian Li and Yufie Zhang for the Pakistan Super League. Former Chinese Ambassador Xiang Zhang at the ... Continue Reading →